Gemstone Dragon

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Gemstone Dragon is a fantasy role-playing adventure game
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Gemstone Dragon is a fantasy role-playing adventure game.
This game has a campaign structure. It offers a series of adventures that form a fantasy epic story. Each adventure has its own story, and can be played separately from the other ones.

When the game starts, you will need to enter your name. The story will begin with you awakening after a hard night. The rats bothered you all night, but you could not sleep mostly for the doubts and worries about your decision to become a Dragoknight. This is a dwindled order, but your heart calls you to adventure. You will have to find the scroll hidden in your house. It will contain the instructions you will need to begin your adventure. You will need to prove your strength, making a journey and finding a retired Dragoknight that will sponsor you. While walking around your house, you can pick some objects that will be useful later, like coins and bottles of medicine. You will also have to kill some rats, that will give you points. You can use weapons, cast spells, or use any of the things that you will pick. You can save your game in order to resume it later. The demo version will let you play just the first level of the game.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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